How to take care of your backpack

Backpacks are practical for everyday commuting and for carrying your backpack around on hikes, treks or any other trips you may have. It’s also great if you want to pack light without the hassle of having a lot of weight on your shoulders.

Backpacks are lightweight with adjustable straps so it can fit comfortably across your back which makes them easier to carry while walking than suitcases that need both hands to push along.

As well as being practical they’re also stylish! There is an endless variety out there in designs, colours and patterns so no matter what type of backpack pattern you like there will be one out there for you!

1. Clean out your backpack – don’t leave any food in the bag, and take out anything that you won’t need for a while.

Some backpackers estimate that they spend more time with their backpack than any other item, which means it’s important to take care of your backpack.

Cleaning out a backpack allows you to keep the bag clean and tidy from any uneaten food or forgotten items. It also prevents things such as mold from growing in the corners of your pack if there are damp clothes crammed into an empty backpack for days on end. If anything smells bad coming out (e.g sweat), then wash them before putting them back in!

2. Use a product like Febreze to get rid of smells.

If you backpack is carrying around a lot of food smells, Febreze can be used to get that smell out. It does this by infusing the air with an odor neutralizer and eliminating bad odors from your backpack. The best part about using Febreze in your backpack is that it’s not just for getting rid of food smells (although it does do a great job at doing that). This handy spray also gets rid of sweaty gym clothes or musty fabric without leaving any stains behind! Simply spritz some on the item, let them sit for a few minutes before spraying again. You’ll need to repeat these steps over two-three days until all traces are gone but don’t worry – one bottle will last you six

3. Wash your backpack every month with cold water and mild detergent.

The best way to clean a backpack is by using warm water and soap; this will ensure all dirt is removed while keeping both fabric & zippers intact. Rinse well afterward so no traces remain – dry

4. Put all the zippers on the outside so they can be easily found when opening your bag up.

Some backpackers find that having their zippers on the inside of a backpack makes it difficult to find when they want to open up their bag. Put these zippers on the outside so you can easily see them and access your items without any hassle!

5. Let air out of the bag when you’re storing it away for a long period of time.

When storing a backpack for long periods of time, it’s important to let air out because they can easily get moldy or mildewed. To do this, undo the straps and roll them up in order to allow your backpack to breathe!

6. Fill the inside of your backpack with crumpled newspaper to protect it from water and dirt.

If you’re backpack is going to be exposed to water and dirt, it’s important that the inside of your backpack has some protection. Fill up the inside with crumpled newspaper so it can act as a barrier between your backpack and any unwanted substances!

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