8 Awesome Hiking Backpack Accessories

There are a number of hiking backpacks accessories that can really make your hiking experience much more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for something to keep your water cool, or just want some extra pockets to hold all of the things that you need on an outing, there is a product out there for you! In this article we’ll look at 11 awesome hiking backpack accessories that will be sure to improve your next hike.

1. Hydration pack – a water bladder that can be worn on the back of your back or on the front of your chest

The hydration pack is a fantastic choice for those who want to make sure that they stay hydrated while hiking. The bladder can be filled with water and worn in back pocket, around the waist, or in front to ensure easy access whenever you need it! There are different types of bladders

2. Camping pillow – to sleep comfortably while camping or hiking.

After a long day of hiking, it is important to be able to get a good night’s sleep. The camping pillow is a great way to make sure that you’re nice and comfortable when the sun goes down.

A backpacking pillow can be used in backpacks, tents, or on sleeping surfaces for an extra layer of comfort while hiking. These pillows are lightweight enough to easily carry along with your other gear but still offer plenty of support

3. Headlamp – for hands-free light when exploring caves or trails at night

We all know that headlamps make an excellent hands-free light source. When you’re exploring the dark and winding trails of a cave or other outdoor spot.

Hiking with headlamps allow you hands free navigation and balance control while providing portable light around obstacles it is important to have your hands free so that you can maintain balance while counting steps for navigation.

The head lamp also makes sure that if something happens in front of you, your head is the first thing to hit it.

When climbing or descending steep slopes – a headlamp can help make sure that you don’t miss any steps and are able to see what’s ahead of you at all times.

The headlamp is also great for those times where your hands need to be used in other ways, such as cooking or setting up camp.

In order to get the best head lamp experience there are some things that you want to keep in mind:

– The headlamps

4. Footwear repair kit – for fixing punctured boots and shoes

One thing you ‘ll want to pack in your backpack is a good footwear repair kit. Footwear can take the worst abuse, and it’s always nice to have on hand some emergency supplies for repairing them. A shoe or boot lace will usually do the trick when you get a small hole and break out of an old shoelace that just won’t go any farther.

Footwear repair kits are quite light and small and take almost no space at all in your Rucksack. However you will be glad you packed one if you need one on your hike.

5. Insect repellent wipes – to keep bugs away from your skin and clothes

You should always pack some kind of insect repellent wipes for long hikes. Insects can be a major pain in the neck while hiking, and these little wipes are perfect to quickly use on your skin or clothing between breaks.

– The backpack should have an exterior pocket that is easy to access and big enough to fit at least one wipe inside of it so they’re always accessible

– A backpack with good ventilation will keep you from getting overly sweaty, which attracts bugs like crazy – this is when insect repellent comes in handy!

– Sprays work too, but if you sweat into them they’ll become less effective over time because they need dry clothes for best results. And we all know how much fun it is trying not let our clothes get damp

6. Sunscreen lotion stick – easy to carry, no mess

The key to packing a backpack is optimising for weight and space. This backpack accessory is small, a great alternative to sunscreen in liquid form which has a tendency to leak out of its container or tube into your backpack’s other contents if it isn’t tightly closed with an elastic band.

A typical packable sunscreen lotion stick measures about 95mm long by 14mm wide so you can toss one safely into the side pocket of your backpack without worrying that it’ll get crushed against everything else inside like some sunscreens do when they’re crammed in at the bottom – not only does this make for less mess but also makes them easier to retrieve later on too!

7. Hiking poles

Even the most experienced hikers use hiking poles. They provide support for rough terrains and helps you train for the next killer hike.

The best hiking poles are ones that can be adjusted to different heights, have a good grip and handlebar width so you don’t feel like they will slip out of your hands when hiking in snow or on wet surfaces.

8. Waterproof matches or a lighter.

You don’t want to come to the end of a long hike to realise you have no way of making a fire. A lighter or waterproof matches are essential backpack accessories for hiking.

*Waterproof Matches – I recommend these because they work in any weather and it’s easy to find the object you’re trying to light by just looking down at your feet, unlike with a lighter where you need something else like paper or wood near by.*

-Lighter: **This is not as reliable in cold climates but can be used better than waterproof matches if there is something close enough to use them on (like paper). It also helps that most lighters come with an attached cover so it protects the flame from getting blown out easily.*


Whether you’re new to the hiking scene or a seasoned pro, there are always little things that can make your experience better. We’ve put together this list of 11 awesome accessories for backpacking and camping so you can enjoy your outdoor adventures even more!

Whether it’s a rain cover or an extra hydration system, there are so many ways to customize your experience in the wilderness with just a few simple additions. What are some other must-have items? Let us know in the comments below!

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